Tuesday, September 28, 2010

To whoever is posting my Blogger URL...

To whoever it is posting my Blogger URL across the internet... Thank you. You've helped me to get a few more views/followers. Although I never asked you to do it >.< thank you anyway. Keep up the good work. Just let me know next time you decide to put my URL on the internet. I got a few "bad" referring links up there now. I don't know if you were, for some reason, trying to shut down my blog or whether you were trying to help, but it got my page more views... So I don't care as long as nobody else does... These pictures are for my followers that are still awake right now.

Last post of the day =(

I was done earlier, but then realized that I had almost forgotten about my loyal blog followers. I have things I need to do today, so I'll just leave you with these. The first 4 are wallpapers, the rest are motivationals.

WALLPAPERS OUT THE ASS (at the request of a follower)

& "Stuff"

I think it's about time to add some "stuff" on here. (the name says, Funny Motivationals, Backgrounds, & Stuff) So I need some ideas as to what "stuff" my followers would like to see. Give me an idea and maybe I'll put it up here.

I think it's about time for another set of motivationals.