Wednesday, October 6, 2010

As promised, a few pictures.

Sorry I was a bit late starting off today, I was balls tired and fell asleep on the couch after I got up at 7:30 in the morning.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

So, about that keyboard...

"Okay guys, I'm back!" typed the blogger as he looked over his laptop's new keyboard, sitting on his chest. "You were gone?" thought the blogger's followers...
So yea, anyway, I'm back. It took a little longer than expected to fix my computer keyboard. Mainly because I had to find the new-to-me keyboard amongst the piles of other laptop pieces I have. Although somehow, the keyboard was not in the pile, as I thought it was, but was instead on top of a shelf in the living room. Apparently my girlfriend remembered me saying something about it and put it up so that I could find it when I felt like swapping keyboards (a 5 minute job) then I could. So, I took the weekend off from blogging simply because my keyboard's hard to press "H" was bothering me and distracting my normally clear thinking. I'm glad to announce that I'm back though, and that my blogging schedule will be back to normal by tomorrow. (As normal as my blogging schedule is anyway. "IT'S MY DAMN BLOG AND I'LL BLOG WHEN I WANNA BLOG!") It just so happens that I was in the mood for writing tonight, and saw my blogger bookmark in the top corner of Firefox... Anyway, expect a bunch of extra pictures tomorrow. I hope to upload some new, uncommonly seen pictures soon. So keep an eye out for that. Anyway, it's 12:50 AM here and I need a bit of sleep. Visit me tomorrow!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Hey there again guys!

Or should I say "ey tere"? Because I came home yesterday to find my girlfriends cat playing on my laptop's keyboard. I found only one thing wrong with it (other than the cat fur) and that was the fact that the "H" key was missing. I found it later and re-attached it to the keyboard and (like 2 hours later) I had it back on. The only problem is, that now it is hard to press down, making me a type slower (you wouldn't believe how many words have an "H" in them!). Luckily I have an extra keyboard for my laptop... The bad thing is that I have to take out almost every screw in the side and bottom of this laptop (fuck Apples)... Also, I don't know how bad the clicky part of the other keyboard is... I'll upload some more pictures for you guys after I get it fixed, because for now it's just disrupting my train of thought.